Development is booming on the African continent and the demand is growing. That is why ONOMO Hotels has designed a new hotel project that will satisfy the dynamism of a new pan-African and international business clientele: a high level of comfort at an affordable price. Optimisation of services, accessibility, connectivity and security. All inspired by the eminent qualities of African culture and in harmony with the natural and local environment.


A simple, essential and human concept. The name was chosen as a tribute to the mythology of the Dogon people (Mali): ONOMO is one of the sons of the goddess Ama, responsible for creating harmony on Earth. With ONOMO, the group has opted for a symbol of peace, serenity, respect and justice. ONOMO hotels are located in the business districts of capitals and major cities on the African continent, some of which are in close proximity to airports. Warm reception areas and 24-hour reception, fully-equipped conference and meeting rooms, ultra comfortable rooms, free high-speed Wi-Fi, delicious restaurant based on fresh local products, etc. The offer of services of a great hotel at an affordable price.


This label created by ONOMO Hotels is a requirement and an ambition. It integrates the best of the creativity and know-how of African craftsmen and designers into the architecture and design of all the hotels. By partnering with local resources, it has become a driver of regional economic development, aiming also to favour ecological initiatives and social responsibility.


Specifically, the ONOMO Hotels Group has revived age-old know-how, such as in Dakar and Bamako, where the hotels were built using mud brick, manufactured by local artisans from the quarries of Senegal and Mali. The furniture in the rooms of the Bamako hotel was even crafted with Malian white wood, and the lobby with the Guénou - solid wood from the region of Kita and worked on for centuries by the craftsmen of the country. Another example is the ONOMO Hotel Lomé, which used artists from the Village des Arts in the Togolese capital to produce the hotel's displays and the artisans of the capital for decorative elements such as vases, lamps and iron furniture. The curtains, fabrics and pottery were made in a Togolese workshop and the furniture, the green spaces and the waterfall of the infinity pool are a reflection of the work of national companies. No forgetting the gastronomy, ONOMO TASTE, the hotels strive to provide the best of the regional cuisine based on the fresh products from the local markets. The gourmet cuisine showcasing the best flavours of Africa.


Hotels at the heart of Africa, Africa at the heart of the hotel. Through the ONOMO Visual Art cultural programme, ONOMO Hotels are a testament to cultural diversity and give a voice to contemporary African artists - photographers and videographers - and they develop partnerships with the main cultural players on the continent. The programme is a window into Africa in motion - a positive continent, that is respectful of cultural differences. It highlights the richness and diversity of African art, encourages creation and participates in the artistic news of the countries where the hotels are located. Furthermore, it shows off the best of African architecture: lobby, gardens, rooms, prime and original locations at the disposal of the artists and their creativity.


Wi-Fi access is free in all the ONOMO Hotels, both in the rooms as well as in the lounges, the various living spaces and the gardens. Each hotel also has equipped meeting rooms (video projector, wall screen, paperboard, etc.) for meetings and conferences. In addition, ONOMO Hotels shuttles provide free Wi-Fi connection during transfers to and from the airports of our destinations. You will be connected as soon as you leave the airport until your hotel check-in.


In order to meet the demands of the clientele of our hotels, ONOMO Hotels group is committed to developing a strong corporate culture, by constantly retaining and training teams (commonly known as 'ONOMOsapiens', to guarantee a human, humble and genuine service. As a result, the know-how generated within the hotels is shared among employees, it sparks inspiration and promotes progress within the group.