ONOMO Hotels, making the heart of Africa beat faster

Anchored in an exciting Africa, ONOMO Hotels vibrates to the rhythm and spirit of the continent. Created in 2009, this hotel group has opened twenty hotels in eleven countries on the continent in ten years. With hotels in Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Mali, Togo, South Africa, Guinea, Rwanda, Morocco, Cameroon, Tanzania and Mozambique, the group is investing in new African destinations. By the end of 2019 the group will have a network of over 21 hotels, with the aim of exceeding the threshold of 3700 rooms across the continent by 2022.

Unveiling a true passion for the art of African hospitality, ONOMO is immersed in the culture and hospitality of each country where it operates to offer its clients an authentic local experience. From the beginning, the group wanted to embrace African craftsmanship paying tribute to centuries of know-how and creativity. ONOMO hotel addresses are designed as real living spaces that combine comfort, nomadism and modernity to make guests feel at home. These local touches reflect the best of each region and create immersion in a culture of phenomenal diversity.

Welcoming and sharing: "hospitality is a treasure that, when shared, spreads happiness"

Inspired by the values of the continent, the brand does everything possible to satisfy its customers who become part of the ONOMO family. Thanks to a professional and passionate team, ONOMO has made the hotel business an art, and the training of its employees a credo. Kind, available, helpful and always smiling. At ONOMO, they are called "Heartbeats", because they are the ones who give life to the brand!

Beyond a well-thought hotel concept, ONOMO Hotels is a lifestyle based on three pillars that constitute the brand's DNA:

O'smile to get off to a good start

A guaranteed value symbolizing hospitality and African joie de vivre, ONOMO's smile is frank, sincere and contagious.

O'culture, a wealth for the spirit

As part of its commitment to showcase African culture and support the continent's talents, ONOMO hotels multiply partnerships with local artists through painting exhibitions, fashion shows, private concerts, book signings, among others. Africa is full of talent and creativity and the ONOMO group intends to give them support and visibility.

O´Taste, a delight for palates

Can you imagine visiting a destination without discovering its culinary art? "Welcoming is also feeding", this is why the group's hotels offer an original Afro fusion cuisine with fresh products from local markets. ONOMO hotels restaurants are open to everyone to meet friends and colleagues for original cocktails and tapas of Afro-fusion inspiration that value local products. Local and international specialties mingle, with three focuses: freshness, seasonality and creativity.

ONOMO Hotels, at home everywhere

Keen on disrupting the impersonal character of classic hotels, ONOMO hotels are true living places with colorful and friendly spaces that foster relaxation and work. Welcome home!

Respectful of the environment, hotels have been designed to optimize the ecological balance through the use of local building materials with a small footprint, natural lighting, solar energy, autonomous wastewater treatment and reuse of plant-watering water, and more.

For business travelers, ONOMO hotels offer specific services conceived for various corporate events: meeting or conference rooms equipped with the latest generation material, private rooms, plenary rooms with a screen wall and computers with free access,..

ONOMO Africa's Finest, Africa at the heart of our hotels

By deciding to concentrate its development towards the African Continent, ONOMO Hotels has made the choice to highlight the continent's cultural diversity in both the design and events of the hotels. This commitment was enhanced by the creation of the ONOMO Africa's Finest label, which aims to offer the best of creativity and know-how of African craftsmen, designers, chefs, artists and creators.